Michelle Sager

Having grown up in her father’s successful dental office, Michelle was exposed to valuable business and medical experiences at a very young age. After having children of her own, her interests moved in the direction of childbirth. In 1982, she began a doula business aiding young mothers in their quest for a natural childbirth experience. By the mid 90’s, she was attending many births in hospital and home settings as well. By 1998, she pursued the Louisiana Medical Board and was approved to proceed with an internship program directed by a physician and a midwife to obtain her Licensed Midwife Practitioner license. With the sum total experiences she attended over 1000 births when she began to tutor local medical students in Anatomy and Physiology.
By 2000, she was teaching in a private college in Baton Rouge, LA while still continuing her midwifery practice. Medical Training College, where Michelle was teaching many of the academics, provided training in massage therapy as well as other allied health fields. At this time, she was not a massage therapist and found it frustrating applying anatomy and physiology for her massage therapy students. Her administrators encouraged her to become a therapist herself in which she did by the end of 2000. After her licensing, she continued to teach morning and evening classes while building a successful massage therapy practice. In 2004, Michelle N. Sager LMT, LMBT, NCBTMB moved to Rocky Mount, NC where she immediately opened The Massage Clinic and has tremendously enjoyed serving the Rocky Mount community with her medical massage.

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